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Good Food is our Religion

Taste good to feel good, good food is hard to find but if you find one place that serves the best with the feel of nature than don’t miss that out.

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Jungle Fiesta deliver the online food and happiness too.
We know the value of that precious time which you have spent on searching us and money which you have paid.
We promise the customer that the food which order by you it will definitely give you best experience


Jungle Fiesta give the freedom to pay through wallets and cards securely. Major payment gateways accepted.

Food delivery

Jungle Fiesta offers Online ordering and food delivery, which are so convenient that more and more people are going online. Our Delivery systems are the way to place your orders at your home to save your time.


A fantastic place to satiate all your food cravings, the experience starts right from the entrance itself. The jungle theme makes you feel like sitting in the jungle itself, the door, the wooden chairs, trees, grass, and lanterns add on to the entire jungle setup, along with kids playing area dat kids make most out of it. People recognized us as the best Chinese restaurant and theme restaurant. So, do visit our restaurant and share your experiences.

Taste of Precious

Enjoyment is the key with jungle fiesta, our friendly and guest-oriented staff will make sure your every need is being taken care of.

Our professional chefs will serve you a variety of delicious Indian, Chinese and continental dishes.

Most people admire the jungle fiesta, as it is the best Chinese restaurant with a jungle theme. Our party trays are perfect solutions for your meetings, events, or gatherings.